Plan Installation

Once you review your proposal, we will prepare the plan documents based on the design you desire.



Plan Administration

Each year we will prepare an Administration Report illustrating the rules, values, and requirements of the plan. 


Schweitzer & Company, LLC

Third Party Administration & Plan Design Services

For over 35 years Schweitzer & Company has been providing professional, low cost plan administration.  We will assist you or your client in calculating the proper contribution, and follow through with the timely preparation of government filings.  We take pride in the fact our company is large enough to offer a full array of Third Party Administration (TPA) services, while remaining small enough to have a personal relationship with each of our clients. 

If you are interested in starting a new plan, or using our company to provide TPA service for your existing plan, please feel free to send us a message by clicking the contact link at the top of this page.  We will gladly assist you or your client with choosing the right plan(s) that meet the requirements of the business.

- Celebrating over 35 years of providing Third Party Administration services -

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Plan Proposal

Contact us for a Business Data Form so we can prepare a retirement plan proposal that best suits your needs.